Escrito por Mariana para su graduación de 6° Grado

The secrets are locked in your heart.
If you share a secret...
It isn't a secret anymore.
A secret of two
Becomes a secret of three
Or of four,
Maybe of the world.

There are many secrets
In each one of us,
That everybody wants to know.
But if you throw away the key
The secret will be yours.

Secrets appear from the sky
And land in your heart,
For you to lock.
Secrets don't appear everytime
But you will always have one.



Escrito por Mariana en 8° grado

Forever gone
A wind got lost
But leave your thoughts
In the land beyond
They will stay......gone
Look at yourself, what can you see?
Is it an animal?
Or is it just me?
What can we seek except the unseekable
What can we speak but the unspeakable
But how will we ever try?
Trust no one but those of trust
Look forward and always fall
And you are gone
Never come back
What will we do? What will we try new?
Is there something? Is there someone?
For tomorrow
We’ll all be like soldiers
And you are gone
For never to come.



Escrito por Mariana en 8° grado

Hold me, hold me again
The silence scares me
Hold me
Almost breaking into smaller pieces
For I’ll be awake while you are sleeping
It seems like today that we were trying to be here
But only fools know that those who aren’t, can’t feel it
Hold me, here in the dark, I don’t want to feel your hand
But hold me
Because the wind that you carry fools me
Stare at the full moon. It’s jealous, or shall we
Jealous of it?
Hold me
I want to feel it be
I can see our lives as we live
But are we living?
And if we are let me know
When the angel comes to our view
And touches you.
Hold me again
I think, I want to be your hand.



POEM #4 : "Mistakes"

Written by Mariana on June 28th, 1995

Mistakes are like a rock
that falls on your head every day.
If a mistake happens
and you cry for the mistake,
youíll get nothing.
But if you stand up and walk,
and recognize your mistake
youíll get respect for yourself,
and respect from others.
You know the real value of the mistake,
which is the one that teaches you
to correct it and maybe to do it again.
A mistake is not the end of world
because as you know,
we are not perfect.
Through a mistake is how
you get to know each other.
What would happen to the world
if we were all perfect?
We would die of no mistakes.
Thanks to God that He didnít make us perfect.

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