Mariana had hair like black silk.
She would shake her hair like an impatient horse
and set it flowing.
When she smiled,
white radiant teeth filled her face
and all were inspired to laugh with her.
She was surrounded by kids
as she walked down the hallway.
They wanted contact with her.
They wanted her to make them laugh and to listen to their problems.
I remember Gisela and Mariana in my office.
As they embraced,
there was such love, that light surrounded them.
Mariana struggled in her own complex world.
I never knew all the details,
but I respected her desire to make sense out of a senseless world.
God bless and be with her.
Catherine Jones

We thank Catherine for sending us these beautiful memories. Cathie was a high school counselor in Mariana's school.



In a world where anything can happen,
where peace reigns over the chaos of war.
In a world where the broad spectrum
is narrowed by the minds of our leaders.
In a world where there can be no true peace,
where love comes and goes every day.
Yet every night when we close our eyes,
we go to a place of peace and harmony,
It's the world of our dreams.
Dreams keep our hopes, ambitions, and memories alive.
It's said that when we're asleep, we're in a different world.
A world where anything you want to happen, happens.
A world where you can dance for hours,
beneath the shimmering moonlight.
Or have a picnic on a deserted island.
In this world,
Our memories live and breath.
In this world,
is where I'll be.
All I ask is that you don't forget me.

The school dedicated a page to Mariana in the Yearbook. We don't know who the author of this poem is, but we are very grateful to all the students and teachers that participated in the making of that page.



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