Many friends have shared their memories of Mariana with us. We treasure them!

"To me she seemed like she was on top of the world. I never told her that at times her vibes were incredible, and she made me feel good". Rob (Mariana's friend)

"We were in your office one day and Mariana came in, smiling and laughing, with her bellbottom pants and her new shoes soaking wet. I remember thinking how beautiful she was and how wonderful it was that you both had such a good relationship". Sandy

"I remember how beautiful you looked, your smile and screechy meows that you used to make. How you loved Smashing Pumpkins. How you wanted to lose your virginity to the lead singer. So many goals and dreams and fantasies. Your face is still in my mind and sometimes in my dreams. You only lived for fourteen years. You were so young, so beautiful, so special to everyone who got the pleasure to laugh at your jokes. You were an angel on earth.
Are you one in heaven?". Nina (Mariana's friend)


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