Mariana's Life

Her school years had "ups" and "downs". Sometimes she struggled academically and socially. She wanted to have close friends and many times felt she didn't fit in.

Sometimes I thought that a bilingual education system was a burden for Mariana. However, she completed 7th.grade satisfactorily. She wanted a change, so after many discussions and considerations, we decided to enroll her in the international school I worked for. I remember how nervous she was the night before starting 8th.grade. She said she had "butterflies in her stomach". I reassured her that everything was going to be fine. "You'll love my school", I said. The next day, as I watched her climb the stairs of the building, I felt a knot in my stomach and tears rolled down my cheeks. It was her birthday and she invited 4 girls for pizza. I felt so proud of her! She loved her new school and made many friends that first year.

She discovered Science and Math and told me "Mom, things are starting to make sense". She loved Gordon, her British teacher. She loved theater and made the volleyball team. I can see her big smile when they played her former school and won! She also discovered love that very first year, but broke up because she wanted someone who would "knock her down her feet".

Mariana started 9th.grade with more interest in friends and parties than in her academics. I could see how little time she was investing in her studies. The phone rang every single day, and she would spend hours talking to her friends. Usually they had problems she helped them solve. I called her "Dr Heart", and I was always very impressed by the depth of her remarks. I believe she would have been an excellent therapist or counselor, since she like to help others so much! Mariana loved Smashing Pumpkins, Mariah Carey, Maná, Bryan Adams (playing now), and Oasis… I guess she was a happy teenager that was starting to develop her own identity and the world that surrounded her…


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