Mariana's Life

Mariana was born on August 26, in a warm summer afternoon in Fort Collins, Colorado. We were delighted to have our little girl, since we already had a boy. Our family shared our happiness with us.

We went back home when Mariana was 3 years old. She was a vivacious and intelligent little girl with sparkling big brown eyes and an explosive personality. Mariana was so outgoing that she made friends easily. She was generous with her material possesions and with her feelings too. It was troublesome to see how she was always ready to give away her toys when any of her friends asked for them.
Her preschool years were happy and I remember how she came running to show me the work she had done in school. She tried ceramics, and loved it!. Then ballet, but I think it was very rigorous for her and she didn't enjoy the long hours of practice. I always thought flamenco was the dance for Mariana, but she didn't show any interest in it.


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